Belart - Bello Arte, is an eclectic mother-daughters artistic team that enjoys creating art both in the Green Mountains of Vermont, and on the tropical shores of Latin America.

Belart is a Fair Trade, Vermont based, socially responsible company, committed to providing sustainable employment, and viable markets for grassroots enterprises, supporting, and empowering displaced and economically disadvantaged women, and vulnerable communities in Colombia, South America.

Our work is in partnership with reputable not-for-profit world organizations among others, Aid to Artisans, USAID, FUPAD, and  Acción Social, sharing a mission, and the commitment to ensure that every woman, every artisan, is paid a fair, livable wage under safe and healthy living conditions.

Please join us in celebrating Fair Trade/Comercio Justo, cultural traditions, peace, and the resilience of the human spirit.

© 2008 Belart

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You are welcome to travel our pages, and even though we are mostly a Whole Sale for the Trade business, and this site is intended as an informational site for this business, we do have a BUY NOW page for our retail friends who would like to buy our O' Tagua Necklace from our Tagua Collection for this Holiday Season. Also please know, that by buying one of these timeless, unique and beautiful pieces, you are actively supporting Fair Trade, Eco friendly and Sustainable practices around the world, and being aware that your dollar can be a force for global change... Enjoy your travels


Our Logo was adapted from a pre-Colombian 300BC creation, by the Desana early Prehispanic indigenous people from Colombia, South America.

According to Desana Mythology the logo-decoration means:

“…the stability of the main columns of a house will not last,

but moral goodness and the heat of the sun will last,

because we have their reflection in our being..”

The Dasana natives inhabited the Guainia River / Rio Negro – Amazon region between Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil.

In ancient times, Colombia and this land, was occupied by societies governed by chiefs. Gold, the sacred metal, adorned their leaders and was used as offerings to the gods. The famous legend of El Dorado, the Golden City of Manoa, took place in Lake Guatavita, high up in the Andes Mountains. And in the southwest of Colombia, along the Guainia and Amazon Rivers, around 300BC, the Dasana, or Uitoto indigenous people, were one of the first early cultures to work the metal they found in the rivers.

"Sons of the Wind" are how the Desana refer to themselves. They have an extensive expressed idea of Man and the Universe that goes beyond our limited understanding of Indigenous people. They reach a complexity equal to Zen, using an environmental and cultural language of God and the cosmos. They believe that they were created in a sense by the Tucano God the Father.