Wholesale Fair Trade Jewelry

"We are each dependent upon one another and thus responsible for each other and for future generations."

Belart is a wholesale, fair trade, Vermont-based company, committed to providing sustainable employment and viable markets for grassroots enterprises in a socially responsible manner.

Traditional Art, Contemporary Design

Belart’s fair trade jewelry collections represent an interweaving of traditional art forms with contemporary designs, just as our business model brings together a mosaic of people and cultures through fair trade partnerships.


Empowering Women through the Generations

Belart, or "Bello Arte" is run by an eclectic, artistic team of three generations (grandmother-mother-daughter). Together, we enjoy creating and collecting jewelry and other art both in the Green Mountains of Vermont and along the tropical shores of South East Asia and Latin America. As a women-owned company, we focus on partnerships with women because we believe that by empowering girls and women, we can, in turn, raise the standard of living for entire families and whole communities.


A Purchase with a Purpose

At Belart, we are not only translators, rescuing and valuing handmade creations, but also connectors, linking you to extraordinary worlds and styles from far away lands. In acquiring an item from Belart's fair trade jewelry collections, you are making a “purchase with a purpose,” supporting fair trade practices where every woman and every artisan works in a safe and healthy environment and received a fair, living wage.


Change the World While You Shop

Fair Trade is YOUR opportunity to change the world while you shop. Your dollar can be a force for peace and global change. Please join Belart in celebrating Fair Trade/Comercio Justo, cultural traditions, peace, and the resilience of the human spirit. 


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