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Belart is a member of the USA Fair Trade Federation. That means every Belart purchase sustains livelihoods and futures for artisans who have been practicing traditional art forms for generations.


Fair Trade is a market-based approach to alleviating poverty and promoting sustainability. It aims to educate and empower disadvantaged producers and connect them to global markets so they, too, can participate and benefit from international trade. Fair Trade is a socially-conscious business model that encompasses principles including:


  • Anti-slave, anti-child labor

  • Environmentally-friendly processes

  • Respectful relationships

  • Fair, living wages

  • Healthy work environments

  • Gender equality

  • Sustainable community development

  • Transparency

Why Buy Fair Trade?

In this world of interdependence, our work and the life cycle of our products could not be complete or successful without the involvement of our artisan partners. As the creators of our designs, they deserve to benefit and grow from their crafts; Fair Trade allows them to do just that..


By buying a Fair Trade item, your dollar can be a force for global change.


Completing the Fair Trade Circle

Essential to the process as well are our retail partners, our "ambassadors," who promulgate the Fair Trade message with their customers, thus completing the full circle. It is ultimately the customers who become more responsible consumers, aware that we can change the world while we shop.


Seal of Approval

Belart LLC is a proud member of the USA Fair Trade Federation, Green America, and works and collaborates with the WFTO / World Fair Trade Organizations.

what is fair trade?

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