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Gold Vintage Lace Bridal Crown

Wedding Crowns in Vintage Lace

Vintage Lace Wedding Crown in White

Gold Rose Wedding Crown

Gold Dipped Bridal Crown with Roses

Gold Dipped Wedding Tiara

Gold Dipped Wedding Headband

Wedding Headband in Gold

Vintage Lace Gold and Silver Rings

Vintage Lace Jewelry for a Bride

Cintage Lace Rings for Bride

Wedding Jewelry - Lace Earrings

Vintage Lace Bridal Jewelry

Vintage Lace Earrings for Bride

Vintage Lace Bridal Necklace

Vintage Lace Wedding Pendant

Vintage Lace Wedding Necklace

Vintage Lace Bridal Necklace

Vintage Lace Bronze and Silver Rings

Vintage Elegance

Our bridal collection includes jewelry, accessories and headpieces carefully fashioned by masterful hands. Each piece is meticulously crafted from vintage lace that is hand-dipped in .925 sterling silver or 24K gold, transforming the iconic bridal lace into enchanting and timeless pieces.


Create Lasting Memories!

Belart is more than happy to create custom jewelry pieces for any bride. We can turn snippets of lace from bridal gowns or vintage lace into embellished head pieces, hair combs, bracelets, rings, pendants, romantic necklaces and more.

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