vintage lace jewelry

Our vintage lace jewelry designs represent the ideal fusion between two traditional Colombian art forms: Pre-Columbian silversmithing, dating from around 1500 BC, and lace appliqué art, introduced to the region in 1492, during Spanish Colonial times.


At Belart, each vintage lace jewelry piece is painstakingly transformed into stunning, intricately detailed jewelry. Each piece of vintage lace is carefully hand-dipped in wax, then in copper and finally in .925 sterling silver or 24K gold. This process preserves every detail in the lace, so the final result is a delicate, high-quality and exceptional work of art.

We collect our vintage lace from flea markets and from the Marché aux Puces in Paris. Other lace that we work with is a vintage style lace made in Venice. All of our vintage lace pieces are handcrafted in Colombia by a metalsmith group living in the outskirts of Bosa. (85% of members of this group are single women, heads of family.)

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