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Alejandra Noguere-Garcés joined Belart in 2010 as a junior partner and designer. She founded Aleja, her own jewelry line, in 2014.

Inspired by history, the natural world around her and her own travels and experiences sleeping on beaches, camping in forests and sitting in trees, she developed an early love for wandering and collecting that continues to inspire and inform her design process.


Each piece in the Aleja collection is seated in the tradition of empowering objects: imbuing them with a deeply personal narrative that has the ability to transcend generations.


Alejandra looks to alchemy, botany, personal talismans and the concept of pilgrimage and wanderlust as influences.


Using materials such as sterling silver, 24K gold, copper, bronze, turquoise, hand picked stones, semiprecious stones and crystals, rocks, shells and other found objects, the unique end results invariably displays her signature rough-hewn elegance.


At its heart, Aleja is a jewelry label with a strong commitment to the environment and its people.

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