pre-columbian jewelry

Our Pre-Columbian designs are inspired from the 24K gold and .925 sterling silver pieces that were created between 1500 BC and 1600 AD in what is now present-day Colombia. They are handcrafted through the lost wax or “cire-perdue” method by artisans near Bosa, Colombia.


Belart’s pre-Columbian jewelry pieces are created with a contemporary touch, inspired by the original masterpieces that are on permanent exhibit at the world famous el Museo del Oro (The Gold Museum) in Bogota, Colombia.

Belart’s unique pre-Columbian jewelry designs are hand-hammered and hand-casted in bronze and then gilded in 24K gold or .925 sterling silver. Each piece of jewelry is reproduced through the same ancient lost wax method that was used thousands of years ago.


Lost Wax Jewelry

The lost wax method, also called “cire-perdue,” dates from the 3rd millennium BC. In the process, the artist creates a metal casting in which a molten metal is poured. The mold in initially created using a wax model. Once the mold is made, the wax model is melted and drained away and this space is filled with molten metal, creating a replica of the original.

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